Lewd Saga Omnibus



Happy Solar Eclipse day my darling monsters!

Not to take away from such a wonderful celestial event but the universe has aligned to bring a mega-omnibus collection of the Lewd Saga series!

Lewd Saga is now a 7 book collection!

Lewd Saga Omnibus is a 7 book collection, bringing together the epic tales of multiple players in a digital fantasy world filled with high adventure and seductive liaisons. The books chronicle the virtual experiences of several players as they quest for self discovery and stopping an evil none of them ever imagined.

The books in the omnibus are arranged in the order they are meant to be read in.
Lewd Knights
Lewd Knights 2.0: Middle Kingdoms
Lewd Paladin: Shadow of Fate
Lewd Necromancer: Raiding Hearts
Lewd Rogue: Golden Desires
Lewd Dragon: Bright Storm
Lewd Knights 3.0: Serpent Horizon

New to the writings of Eden Redd or simply wanting to complete your collection, The Lewd Saga Omnibus is the prefect starting point for sexy LitRPG fantasy adventures.


I’m still hard at work on the second Lewd Paladin book. There is a planned trilogy and the second book should be out by early September. So, watch the skies! (I don’t know how I will get it up there but I must try. I also have to be careful about the solar eclipse since it’s a thing today. šŸ˜‰



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