Friends of Eden


Welcome to Eden’s author friend page! Below are some of the excellent authors I have known who create fabulous works of  sexy fiction, fantasy, sci-fi, gamelit, litrpg and much much more! Check them out!

Daniel Schinhofen

Dawn Chapman

Scottie Futch

Blaise Corvin

Harmon Cooper

Marcus Sloss

D. Levesque

Sean Oswald

Neil Bimbeau 

James Hunter

Randi Darren

Stuart Grosse

Prax Venter

Angel Ramon

Michael Chatfield


Jamie Hawke

Hondo Jinx

Zachariah Dracoulis

Dave Willmarth

Apollos Throne

Charles Dean

Erik Weir

Cat Wilder

The list is a small sampling of the amazing authors out there. Expect it to grow. Please contact me at if you wish to be considered. 🙂