Coming Soon!

Dragon Seer is coming 4/21/21!

Nate has always dreamed of dragons. At first, the dreams would come and go, but as he grew, they became more and more frequent, curling into the very fabric of his thoughts and soul. When Nate reached adulthood, he left the frigid north to find the meaning to his fevered dreams and seek out his destiny.

Little did he know, his journey would bring him to the shores of a small island and an ancient order spanning back thousands of years. An order bent on fighting the growing shadows across the mystical world of Arith.

Nate will be caught in a fight between light, darkness and ancient evils. He will have to cultivate his very body, new relationships with an unlikely trio of mythical creatures and understand what it means to be a true Dragon Seer.

Dragon Seer is a cultivation/harem story. It has over the top fights, intimate bonding, dragons, monsters, secret societies, romance, magic, humor and glowing adventure.      

Mark the date, please. 🙂


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