What is Lewdpunk?

An interesting question ripe for exploration but first, maybe a little background on why I wanted to explore a possible literary and artistic sub-genre. Take my hand as we walk through the dark forest to a land of seductive ideas.

I have been writing erotic fantasy and science fiction for a number of years. While I have received plenty of positive feedback, I have received the opposite as well. The words “trash”, “garbage” and “crude” have been used, in their words, to describe my writings to express their displeasure with carnal literary works. I have always been a champion of free expression, positive or negative, but the dark side of the literary world can be foul and dismal place. I can admit; it has affected me at times and chained me to gloomy places in my mind, questioning the very thing I love to write.

From the dark mental places of self doubt and torture, I searched for a way to shine a light on the darkness, devoid of the negative energy lashing against my creative spirit. At the very least, grant myself a small shield against the army of trolls at my burned down gates.

The idea of Lewdpunk was born.

Lewdpunk formed in my mind, basing off my love of erotic and cyberpunk genres, taking it in a new and exciting direction. While cyberpunk is more of a dystopian combination of low life and high tech, lewdpunk takes art and writing to a sensual new level.

One of the things I keep noticing is sex, kinks, fetishes and perversions are looked down upon and judged because it’s either considered taboo, strange, gross, odd or not in keeping with normal everyday society. Which is strange since sex is a natural and fundamental part of our adult lives. Online, people indulge in their desires of porn, romance and erotic works in whatever form they desire but in the normal world, it is frowned upon with judging shake of heads. Such negative energy causes many, if not all, to keep it hidden.

I won’t go too deep about the repression of the sexual ego but it is a problem in this day in age. Online sites like Facebook, Tumblr and Fetlife have been neutered because advertisers have put their foot down, not wanting to associate with such boorish behavior, which is odd since lust, love and desire is written in our very DNA. I can’t speak for everyone but I know this infuriates me because it’s the corporations, politicians and the repressed who are trying to inflict their will on consenting adults.

If ever there was something to rebel against is those who set the rules. Sexual freedom is a primal one and shouldn’t be chained to the basement.

Below is the definition I put together to help bring an understanding to what Lewdpunk really is. It is a work in progress and may change slightly but the core belief is there.


  1. An artistic expression of defiance using sex, kinks, fetishes and perversions openly to titillate without shame or remorse.
  2. A term used for consenting adults to express positive sexual desires, kinks and perversions.
  3. A sub-genre of art, fiction and romance to create works that do not shy away from sensual pleasure by embracing it in detail.

No implications or fade to black but a brave direction on describing/showing love and lust in its most intimates acts. Writing or displaying the sensual in its raw form, mixing it with stories and artwork for those to enjoy while raising a fist against those who would silence lewd expression.

The idea of lewdpunk emboldened me to want to write more instead of shying away from the slings and arrows. Knowing that some will be disgusted but many more will stand by artists to express what their little kinky heart’s desire.

As fun as it was to write this post, I know there might be a wide divide of those reading it. I am an advocate of positive, harm free sexual freedom between consenting adults. We have reached a point in our growth where kinks and perversions should not be frowned upon but enjoyed. Don’t let others silence what you enjoy. Have fun and let your Lewdpunk flag fly!


2 thoughts

  1. Eden,

    Thank you for this post and your decision to drive forward despite the current wave of negative sentiment. Please know that I for one stand with you in your quest to make normal the normal. Sex, lust, passion are some of the most precious and enjoyable things in life. Why we would ever suppress these basic expressions of who we are is well beyond my limited ability to comprehend.

    I am one of the countless masses that you referenced… hidden and silent in a world that would crush our uniqueness. I wave my Lewdpunk flag high in my heart, but sadly keep it hidden beneath the dismissive scrutiny of the masses. Your writing is one of the few beacons of light amongst a sea of repressive darkness. I beg you to never extinguish the flame of desire you have kindled in many a reader’s heart.

    Stay true to yourself and your readers. Let the trolls burn in the fires of our combined passion.



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  2. Unfortunately, @Arbor, there are many like you who must hide their kink inside because of our hypocritical, judgemental society. I too praise Eden for her bravery and attitude! I just hope that she doesn’t get trampled by the so-called “moral majority”

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