New Release and Updates!


Hello my loves!

I know its been a while but I thought I update everyone on a new release and several updates. As you can see, I have a new book!

Morgan is an excellent commander and soldier in a time of digital war games. When it comes to dating, not so much.

When he and his friends are invited to a secret life and romance simulation game, the players join hoping they can earn some much needed virtual vacation time.

Little do they know how deep the rabbit hole goes. A digital sleepy seaside town turns into a journey of dating, lewd perversions, monsters, cults and a shot glass of dark humor. Morgan must navigate his new digital lifestyle, earn his way to a better life, find love and control his darker impulses crawling under his skin before it’s too late.

Warning- Digital Hearts: Late Night Ambitions is a story for mature adults, 18 and over. It contains monsters, bizarre dating rituals, murder, lewd acts, secret societies, twisted romance and funny simulated lives. If you ever wanted to read about the dark underbelly of life simulation games, this is a story for you.

Notes- I have a routine addiction to the Sims. Often coming in waves where I play for weeks and months before moving off to other games. I do return, torturing my sims in new and creative ways. Which inspired me to write a gamelit/litrpg book where romance and dark intentions create a thrilling and sensual story.

The book went live on Friday March 8th. As soon as the links hit the various FB groups, I received a few PM’s asking me if the book was gay, straight or other. It seems the cover gave off an idea I had not intended. I can understand not wanting to read something your not into but I had to quickly clear up that the book is 100% straight and the three characters on the cover are simply friends. The reason behind that was I didn’t want to put the romantic partners on the cover because I thought it might spoil the mystery ending of the book.

Despite having to warn fans and new readers, it did strike me as odd that this was a concern. I used to go by the old adage, “Never judge a book by it’s cover” but in this case and maybe others, many do judge books by their covers. I won’t go into my personal beliefs here and I do tend to not think about certain implications my works/stories may have on readers. I just like to write sexy stories. Be that as it may,  I’m an advocate for following what you fancy and damn the rest of the world.

So, please, pick up your copy and tell me what you think.

Digital Hearts: Late Night Ambitions

In other news, Lewd Kingdoms: Fallen Throne audio book is live!


The amazing Jane Tate takes us through the second book of the sensual fantasy adventure.

Pick up your copy but don’t listen to it while others are around or, if you have to, use headphones. I can’t be held responsible if it causes lewd thoughts and compromising situations. 🙂

Lewd Kingdoms: Fallen Throne Audio Book

And finally…

My dear friend Erik has come out with a second book to his Realm Walker trilogy. Give it a look, I’m sure he will appreciate it.


From the blurb…

“One does not simply walk into the six realms…”

Victor knew being a Champion of a dead goddess wasn’t as glamorous as it sounded but he didn’t think it would become as dark as his nightmares.

Victor quickly realizes that there are more to the six realms then he ever thought possible. Gods and Goddesses stir from their hidden places, some to help and others standing in his very way. Monsters hunt and angels weep as the young man travels across the realms, seeking to complete his destiny. Enemy forces seek the Champion as he fights the clock, trying to find and free pieces of his dead goddess before the realms fall back to war.

With new friends and allies, Victor explores the realms, trying to understand his fate and help those who cannot fight back against their oppressors. When a shadow of doubt clouds his faith, a monster from the darkest pits of the realms will seek him out, eager to infect his soul with a primal darkness none can escape.

Realm Walker: Monsters and Angels

That’s it for now. I wish everyone a Happy Saint Paddy’s day and be safe!


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