New Beginnings


It’s best if I start at the beginning.

About two weeks ago, I was trying some new advertising plans and preparing to have some discounted stories so I could bring in new readers and fans. This meant a lot of going back, fixing some stories and deciding which books would be best to present with discounts. It was turning into a lot of work but I thought it was a positive direction to follow and I dug in and began working.

One of my bundles, The Redd Monster Collection, was my first choice for a discount and give the readers 18 stories they could sink their teeth into. After another editing pass and fixing the back matter, I re-uploaded it to Amazon and went about my day fixing some other stories.

Color me shocked when when the book was blocked a few hours later.

I set about analyzing what could have tripped the review process and sent an e-mail to Amazon for some clarity on why it was blocked. A few days later, I received an e-mail back from Amazon that either my cover or content was against Amazon’s guidelines and would remain blocked until the “content” was removed and I could re-upload the collection. As you can see from the pic included, it did not seem like the culprit.

Looking over the stories, I realized it was the first story in the collection, Dead Taboo. To give you some further history, when I first started writing and publishing with Amazon, I was writing monster erotica. It was an era of sexy monster stories and I truly enjoyed writing seductive adventures.  A few years ago, step siblings was the hot trend and I decided to write my own stories. Dead Taboo was one of the those stories where two step siblings (No blood relation), fell for each other during the zombie apocalypse. I did follow the Amazon’s guidelines at the time and ensured there was no blood relation between the characters. The book was published and did okay a number of years back before falling to obscurity.

As we all know, Amazon’s rules and guidelines change with the trends and times. It’s completely understandable that a story I wrote a number of years back would not pass by today’s standards. The only thing I felt bad for was the collection would not be available on Kindle anymore.

I didn’t get upset over what happened because I always knew some of my stories danced on the line and, maybe one day, they would be removed. I thoroughly enjoy writing monster erotica but even back when I started, I knew I would move on to greater stories. This all brought me to a crossroads in my writing career.

During my many internet wanderings, I came across LitRPG and Gamelit. It was fresh and exciting and I fell in love with the genre. I feel I do have some skill in writing sexy books and made the leap into the genre with both feet and holding my nose. At the time of writing this, I have written about 16 LitRPG/Gamelit books and I have no idea when I will stop.

Diving in, I did think about my previous catalog of monster erotica and questioned many times if they should co-exist. It was a dilemma for another time.

Fast forward to today.

Now, the time has come to make some changes. There was much discussion with those in my inner circles and I knew there had to be a change.

Starting this week, I will be slowly removing some of my older stories and placing them on my Patreon. I plan on pulling one or two stories at a time and creating a tier on patreon so those who support my efforts will have full access to those stories to enjoy. I will make the tier affordable and give those who support me many sexy stories they can read.

The process will have another benefit of slimming down my robust catalog. Since I have so many stories and they run the gamut of various topics, I can understand if new readers are intimidated. I’m still having fun with Gamelit and LitRPG and have no plans to remove those books. I will also keep some of my more popular older monster erotica stories up until Amazon says otherwise.

On Friday, May 3rd, I will be removing Dead Taboo and Fang Bang from Amazon and place them on Patreon. I don’t wish to clog up my blog with each new update so I encourage anyone reading to like my author page on Facebook for regular updates.

If you want to download the books before they are gone from Amazon, please click on the links below.

Dead Taboo

Fang Bang

I know there will be those wonderful fans that may get upset at this change but it is a necessary one. Amazon is the gatekeeper and I must respect their rules (At least until I take over the world. 😉

Thank you for your time. I have many more books to write on the horizon and updates will follow on new book projects.

With love,



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