Lewd Kingdoms: Midnight War Audio book is Live!


Hello my loves!

I’m very excited to have the third and final book to Lewd Kingdoms on audio! The lovely Jane Tate narrates the final installment of the trilogy and does an amazing job. It was so sad to see the series come to a close a second time but I’m very happy it is complete.

Pick up your copy and please leave a review.

Warning- Don’t listen in public as some of the scenes may make you feel a little warm. 🙂

Lewd Kingdoms: Midnight War Audio Book

In other news

I plan to get back to writing a new series! I have been thinking it over and taking notes for weeks and looking forward to taking on a new epic series. More updates at they come.

I also have the audio for Digital Hearts: Late Night Ambitions. I should hopefully finish listening to it and giving the final approval. It should go live mid June.

One last thing, a dear friend has released their last book in the Realm Walker trilogy. Take a look and pick up a copy. 🙂


The tide of change floods the realms as Victor and his allies give one final push to raise the dead goddess Vala from her celestial grave.

Victor will band followers and allies to reclaim Vala’s lost remains and bring balance back to the six realms. Enemy gods and champions move to stop Vala’s Blade, hiding and imprisoning the remaining few of Vala’s acolytes to stop her resurrection. Dark plots and cruel fates will twist the realms to the breaking point as the few loyal to the dead goddess attempt one last desperate move, worlds caught in the balance.

Realm Walker: Fate and Dreams

Thank you and shall update all soon!


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