Digital Hearts: Late Night Ambitions Audio Book is live!


Digital Hearts: Late Night Ambitions Audio book is live!

Narrated by the wonderfully talented Anneliese Rennie!

Morgan is an excellent commander and soldier in a time of digital war games. When it comes to dating, not so much.

When he and his friends are invited to a secret life and romance simulation game, the players join hoping they can earn some much needed virtual vacation time.…/Digital-Hearts-Audiobo…/B07T4FR4F7

Little do they know how deep the rabbit hole goes. A digital sleepy seaside town turns into a journey of dating, lewd perversions, monsters, cults and a shot glass of dark humor. Morgan must navigate the digital world, earn his way to a better life, find love and control his darker impulses crawling under his skin before it’s too late.

Warning- Digital Hearts: Late Night Ambitions is a story for mature adults, 18 and over. It contains monsters, bizarre dating rituals, murder, lewd acts, secret societies, twisted romance and funny simulated lives. If you ever wanted to hear about the dark underbelly of life simulation games, this is a story that might tickle that dark itch.

The book was fun to write and a lot of fun to hear. Anneliese did a wonderful job of capturing some of the dark zaniness of a dating and life sim game gone evil.

I must admit, I’m pretty dark when I play sims. No happy wholesome stories for me. Writing this book gave me flashbacks and I found myself smiling evilly.

Enjoy listening to it with a glass of of whiskey on a cold and dark stormy night. 😉


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