Queen of Sexy LitRPG

Royal Queen

Spending time on the LitRPG forum, everyone tends to talk about all sorts of subjects concerning our shared passion. One of the topics that came up was of the LitRPG genre and how it was expanding and growing. Bringing up the history, many authors and groups have sprouted to take part in this fun and intriguing genre, creating their own fiefdoms if you will.

Me, running on fumes because I did not take a nap yesterday, was feeling silly and little adventuress, the topic changed to the titles some authors have given themselves in the genre. The free spirit I can be at times, thought it would be hilarious if I proclaim myself the Queen of Sexy LitRPG!

Now proclaiming yourself a queen is a big step and if your doing it for purely selfish reasons, it comes off a bit presumptuous and, well, odd. (Not that I have a problem with this, all my best friends are odd.) But then this happened…..


Then several more members seconded and third it. I, being an author of the people, could not say no to such a prestigious position.

I accepted the royal title on August 3, 1:41pm 2017. The above pic is proof of my royal title.

Now there had been talk of elevating my position to Empress. This is something I will consider but only if the other lords and ladies of the LitRPG kingdoms agree upon it. Unlike some royalty, I serve the people. I want the people to have their cake and eat it too (Or slather it on each other’s bodies in a giant orgy of sexy fun, sigh, one can dream).

My first decree, enjoy your Friday, weekend and eat some delicious cake!


Royal Disclaimer- I honestly don’t believe I am the a queen of anything other then my own home. This was purely for fun…or is it??? (Dun dun dunnnnn!)

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