Lewd Knights the Book! (Plus Updates!)


Hello my darling monsters!

As you can guess by the title, Lewd Knights is now in paperback! Now you add to your naughty library a physical copy of the Sexy LitRPG that started the whole Lewd Saga series. I plan on having all the Lewd books in paperback in the near future but I am going over each book one at a time to make sure they are ready for printing.

Lewd Knights Paperback.

Other News

I have been thinking over a lot of things. Since I started writing, I thought I would simply let the work speak for it’s self. After three years of writing and putting it out there, I found out the hard way that path wasn’t enough. I created this website as a means to express myself a little more, out there in internet land. I can be odd, strange and many times “NSFW” but I wanted this place to best express what I have been doing through my writing for years.

I want it to be a place for sexy fun.

When I begin to get my blogging skills down, there will be updates, sexy inspirations and (Gasp!) articles on things connected with the craft and subject matter of writing. (Plus updates on books and weird ramblings.)

I have also been spending time on Facebook and created a group dedicated to the sexy side of Fantasy and Sci-Fi. Follow the link below so I can grant you access to the Garden of Eden. šŸ˜‰

Eden’s Fantasy and Sci-Fi Garden (NSFW)

And Finally….

I started writing the next Lewd Paladin Story. I’m a little over 5k into the story and looking forward to completing it in short order. The story will be a little darker then many of my other stories and carry a sexy grim feel.

Updates to come! (Hehehe…sounds dirty.)


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