My First Audio Book and Updates!


The big news…my first audio book is live!

I’ll be the first to admit, I was terrified of having an audio book made since its easier to read racy content then it is to hear it. I wasn’t sure what to expect as I began the process months ago. When I received the files from the magical narrator Jane Tate, I was blown away as she read Lewd Kingdoms: Shadow’s Edge. After all this time, I discovered the beauty of audio books and saw it in a brand new light.

So without further interruption, please check out the first of many audio books to come!

Lewd Kingdoms: Shadow’s Edge Audio Book


In other news, the second omnibus of Lewd Saga is available! It has the last 7 books of the series, including Lewd Kingdoms and a bonus story, A Dungeon’s Desire. Lewd Saga was such a joy to write and now the long journey is complete. *Tear streaks down cheek.


Lewd Saga Omnibus Volume 2

And finally, I wanted to help out a new, up and coming writer. Their book is burning up the charts so check out the saucy, sexy adventures.


“If a Goddess asks you to be her Champion, you say YES!”

Victor Hobbs spent most of his young life just trying to get by, helping others where he could and lead a quiet, serene life.

When a normal day turns tragic, Victor finds himself half dead and speaking to a goddess who has been dead for centuries. She gives Victor a chance to do great things in exchange for resurrecting her from her celestial grave.

Realm Walker: Blade and Shield



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  1. Almost finished listening to your first audible book. I run a rural delivery route an enjoy audio books to help pass the time on 14+ hour days. I look forward to many more from you. Thanks for the enjoyment.

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