Lewd Kingdoms: Midnight War is Live!


The long journey is over.

Lewd Kingdoms: Midnight War is the final book to the Lewd Kingdoms Trilogy and Lewd Saga series.

Edric stares at the enemy’s spires, a trickle of fear running down his spine as his heart glows with duty, honor and a need to end Lukken’s long nightmare once and for all.

The kingdoms fall one by one to troll and undead armies. Artificial intelligent programs continue to wake up from their programming and players fight with every bit of skill and power to protect the emerging innocent AIs. The digital world of Lukken stands on the brink as monsters in the virtual MMO and many in reality fight to end the sensual fantasy game.

Amidst the chaos, a lone kingdom stands poised to fight back the rising darkness. Edric, Faye, Rayna, Claudia and Juna Reed band together with many hero players, ready to stop the tide of shadows threatening to consume the game world. With new and old allies, they have forged mystical weapons, gathered their armies and march to the dark kingdoms across the lands, ready to end the reign of evil threatening the digital and real world.

Pick up your copy.

Lewd Kingdoms: Midnight War

*You spend so much time writing a series, growing close to the characters that when the end comes, it is bitter sweet. I have been writing the series for over two years and what a journey it has been. I have never written an epic series like this before so this is truly a milestone for me.

I do have to thank for all the fan support and helpful advice from many wonderful authors out there. You are all amazing!

What’s next on the horizon?

I have many ideas and will take some time to write notes and put outlines together. The only thing I am certain of, there will be more sexy sexy adventures in the future!

Enjoy the final book to the Lewd Saga Series!

Much love,





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