Lewd Paladin: Dread of Night


Lewd Paladin: Dread of Night is Live!

Book two in the Lewd Paladin series, it continues after the events of Lewd Knights 3.0: Serpent Horizon.

With the end of the classes, Luis finds his normal life quickly becoming empty. As he contemplates plans for the summer, the siren call of Lewd Saga burrows into his heart. The promises he made and oaths he swore in the game quickly come to the forefront of his life, calling for him to continue his holy crusade against the growing darkness.

Luis dives back into the game of Lewd Saga to become his alter ego, Thorrin Rivers, paladin and holy knight to the Sphere of Light. Little does he know that the Sphere of Darkness has unleashed it’s own warriors to deal with the meddlesome paladin. When a Troll Master defects, Thorrin swears to a friend that he will protect them and safely deliver them to the coast of Lukken. As Thorrin races against time, a shadow looms over his true and virtual reality. Family bonds will be tested as will the player’s heart.

Lewd Paladin: Dread of Night (Book 2)



If you are new to the Lewd Saga universe, I have made Lewd Paladin: Shadow of Fate (Book 1) FREE! It will be free until September 7th so pick up your copy now! 🙂

Lewd Paladin: Shadow of Fate (Book 1)

*Raises a wine glass to our collective health.

Thank you for making this journey truly special.


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