Lewd Shadowmancer Paperback is Live!


For one brief shining moment, Lewd Shadowmancer made it to #17 on Best selling Sci-fi Cyberpunk category. I don’t need first place but it’s fun to dream. (It also means I need to continue to work harder. The sexy journey continues!)

A quick update,

Lewd Shadowmancer: The Concubine Contract, paperback version is live!

New Project

The Dragon’s Oath: A Dark Fantasy Romance Adventure

I began writing a new story, taking place in the fantasy world of Navarr. If you are unfamiliar with Navarr, it is a realm where I have written a few of my earlier stories in such as The Shadow Elves Lover’s trilogy and Knight of Desire. I have been wanting to return to that realm for another true fantasy romp.

The story revolves around a young lord and his bigger then life dragon protector. There is a romance but from what I have written so far…its a bit violent (Not the romance but the action).

I will be posting chapters as I write them on Patreon so please support my page. 🙂

The Dragon’s Oath on Patreon.

See you soon my wicked monsters. 😉




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