Happy Lewd Year 2018! (Plus, What to Expect in the New Year.)


Happy Lewd Year!

2018 is upon us, which means a brand new year of bettering ourselves and enjoying what’s to come. (Ugh, It seems double entendres are ingrained in my DNA. I don’t even know I’m doing it until it’s too late. 😉

With the new year, there will be new books to bring you sexy adventures. I have often played it fast and loose with my writing schedule but in an effort to bring some kind of cohesion to my writing life, I actually want to put up a simple schedule to keep all you beautiful wicked monsters in the know. I tend to try and write a book a month. Sometimes I achieve that goal and other times I’m off by a few weeks. In either case, I want 2018 to be jam packed with sensual goodness and high adventure.

Eden’s Book Schedule 2018

The Dragon’s Oath (January 2018)

Lewd Rogue 2

Lewd Shadowmancer 2

Lewd Kingdoms Book 1

Lewd Kingdoms Book 2

Lewd Kingdoms Book 3

As you can see, the first six months of 2018 will be filled, making my schedule very tight. I’m sure your wondering “What the heck will Lewd Kingdoms be about?” Well, that is a super secret book trilogy I will be working on. I can’t give anything else away so you will have to sit tight.

By summer time, I should have a new schedule on the rest of the year.

In other news

I know I mentioned in my newsletter and FB that I am looking to create an ARC group (Advanced Reader Copy). Many showed interest and I can’t thank you enough for wanting to be part of it. It is still very much in the works and it is still happening. Once The Dragon’s Oath is closer to completion, invites will be sent out. One of the hardest parts is coming up with a name. I will be putting a poll up in Eden’s Lewd Fantasy and Sci-Fi Garden if you want to help in choosing one. It should be up in a day or two so join now! 🙂

If you want to help guide my hand with current and future books, I’m on Patreon.

In the last year, I have made many friends from readers to authors. My main goal has always to bring wonderful stories to readers and helping other authors gain a wider audience. The goal and trend will continue into this year and beyond. I will be dedicating my blog not just to promoting my works but to help other authors/artists to have a further reach in this crazy world.

The lewd empire is growing and I hope you wish to be a part of it.

Vivat Imperium!




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