Card Mage: Phantom Campaign is Live!


Card Mage: Phantom Campaign is Live!

Is a champion defined by their past?

Dax enters his second year of the famed Kinarth Academy. The mage soon begins to realize it takes more than magical abilities to be a true champion.

Dark secrets from his past begin to haunt him and his friends as he tries to wrestle with his studies and his new mystical card technique. The demands only escalate as many of the academy’s faculty hint at an exam that is far more dangerous than anything the mage and his friends have experienced before, passing or failing depending on their very survival.

Monsters, undead and shadowy enemies are just the beginning as something sinister pushes Dax and the Academy to the brink of collapse.


To add to this wondrous day, Card Mage: Academy Rebels is permanently lowered to 2.99. Now, is the the perfect chance to join the Card Mage series!

Thank you for reading and let the saga continue!

Edit*- I had the cover changed. I love this one!






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