My Girlfriends are Pirate Elves! Book 4 is Live!

My Girlfriends are Pirate Elves! Book 4 is Live!

Hi Everyone!

As you can see, book 4 in the pirate elf series is live! This book is a monster for a Light Novel. It’s about 147K words long. I didn’t dare to split this into two books because so much is happening within the story. I had to keep it together or there would have been fire and pitchforks. šŸ™‚

Jon, Lilly and the crew of the Dark Heart return to Urth by the skin of their teeth, not sure what the future will hold for the band of pirates. With two new members of the crew, a book written in ancient dragon tongue, a primordial myth, and dangerous spies everywhere, the crew must come together to confront enemies on Urth and from the Aquris realm.

Will Jon overcome a desperate battle between his honor and the pirate life? Will Lilly find an ancient treasure that none have seen since the age of dragons? Will the crew overcome their differences between the old and new crew members? Will Jon keep his brand new car and his sanity when both worlds come crashing down on him and those he loves?

Book 4 in the series, it continues the adventures of Jon Song as he navigates between pirate elf girlfriends, an ancient mystery and dating hi-jinks. A mature, western light novel with a reverse isekai feel, it will take you across two worlds, magic, pirates and dangerous adventure.
Pick up your copy!

Sale News!
With the release of Book 4, I’m making Book 1 only .99 cents for Oct 30th and 31st! If you haven’t taken up the series yet, this is the perfect opportunity to start from the beginning.

Click the link below on Oct 30th or 31st to get your discounted copy!

Again, leave those wonderful reviews! Have a happy Devil’s Night and Halloween Night!


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