The Countdown to Monstar Saga has Begun!

The countdown to Monstar Saga: Exiled, and a FREE short story has begun!🤩

We are getting close to June 10th and Monstar Saga: Exiled will be out there to the world. I’m super excited!

So excited that I’m happy to announce there is a prequel short story to the main event! Monstar Saga: Dreamscape is story about the lead up to the events of Monstar Saga: Exiled.

How can I get my hands on the FREE short story?

Easy, Subscribe to my newsletter and on June 9th, I will send out a link early so you can download your free copy. This is only for subscribers so, if you want to know some of the hidden history, this is the way. 😁

Join now!

Everything is on track for June 9th and 10th. Updates as they come.

Thank you!


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