Monstar Saga: Lordship is Live!

Monstar Saga: Lordship is Live! Book 3 in the epic saga.

Hello my lovely Lewdites and Reddheads! Monstar Saga Book 3 is the longest book I’ve ever written, filled with adventure, love, action, and monsters!

Kavan and the people of Moonvale thought gaining their independence would free them. Little did they know it would bring nightmares and horrors to their little town on the edge of civilization.

Strange markings, a blood moon, and odd occurrences strike at the heart of Moonvale. Amid the unusual mysteries, Kavan must prepare himself for his new role as Lord, by learning what it means to lead and protect a town against other kingdoms and monsters. A task made that much harder by many new strangers arriving in town to take up residence. Strangers that may not have Moonvale’s best interests at heart.

Can Kavan become the lord Moonvale needs? Will the dragonkin gain enough power and magic to protect his friends? Will a greater evil sink its claws into the town? Will Kavan have to choose who will rule at his side as the dragon gods plot to end it all?

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