Cleaning House


Hello my darling monsters!

I have looked over my catalog and it is a bit of a mess.

So, I decided I need to clean house a little and maybe make some changes to my collection of books.

Below are the little collections that will be going away.

Lustful Raptors

Strange Seduction

Monster Lovers

Shifter Temptation

Taboo Creature Feature

A Midnight Collection

The Mega bundles will stay intact, as will the individual titles. This will break down the clutter and streamline the catalog. I’m giving it a few days in case anyone wants to download one.

I have two Blue Mage Omnibuses that I will remove and condense into one giant omnibus. There will be a cover change and I’m going to go back and reedit for a better reading experience.

In other news

I will be working on my promise to have physical copies of my Lewd Saga series. Updates to come!

Get those Halloween costumes ready!



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