Fan Art and Crossovers

By Hozure

(The above fan art is from Final Fantasy Tactics. One of my all time favorite games right behind FF7!)

Fans make the world go round.

I love fans! I really really do. Hence, the more I think about fans, the more a question grew. I have a rather large catalog with all sorts of books and characters. I have had fans write me to tell me they loved a character, concept or book. My heart swells from the love that curls around their heart, enough to tell me something I created brought them some joy.

When speaking to a fellow author about fan art and crossovers, I thought to my works and came up with nothing. No one has drawn a character or even written a fan fiction about them. I wondered if that meant I hadn’t “Made It” yet. It was a curious thing to puzzle over.

So I wanted to open the floor to a question I have……Do you like Fan Art/fiction?

Now I’m not going to pressure anyone into creating some fan art for my works but I wouldn’t turn it away either. (The Blue Mage series comes to mind with so many wonderful characters ripe for some artwork.:) I just wanted to put that out there into the universe and see if anything returns.

Which leads me to my next topic…


In fantasy, romance, LitRPG, Sci-fi and so on, there are many amazing worlds to play in. Authors can be a lonely bunch, their worlds massive but only seen from a point of view. Sharing a world with another author(s) could lead to some interesting tales and would only serve to help grow and bring in new minds to the various communities. I personally would love to share my Blue Mage and Lewd Saga worlds with others, something they can take and add their own spin to it.

It is something I’m considering. I could write up a page of loose rules but the hardest part is finding if anyone is interested in taking such a path. All of these thoughts are fun to think about but can be hard to implement. (Fan fiction can get pretty raunchy and I would adored it!)

In thinking about all of this, maybe I should but myself out there.

So, I want the internet to know, I’m open to fan fiction and art of my worlds! I want to post it here for others to read/see!

As for Crossovers, my door is open. If another author/writer wants to play in my Blue Mage or Lewd Saga worlds, I would love to read it. The same would also go for me playing in theirs. I’m not sure anyone would want to read a sexy interpretation of another writers work but that is the chance I’m willing to take. 😉

Let this post be a call to action! (And if it fizzles…then it fizzles. I’m in this for the fun and excitement of it.)

Please tell me your thoughts in the comments below. Or if you’re a bit shy, contact me by e-mail. (

Thank you for taking the moment to indulge my daydreaming.


PS- Would prizes sweeten the pot?


One thought

  1. Best of luck on this! I would to see some art from your stories. And the crossover idea is wonderful! I’d imagine you two bouncing ideas around and feeding each other great new story lines to keep things hot.


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