Blue Mage Omnibus and Updates


Hello my Darling Monsters!

I have several updates including The Blue Mage Omnibus update.

But first, The Lewd Knights trilogy is in paperback!

Lewd Knights

Lewd Knights 2.0 Middle Kingdoms

Lewd Knights 3.0 Serpent Horizon

Next on the list is paperback versions on all the Lewd Saga Adventures so updates to come.

Blue Mage Omnibus Update

As you may know, I adore the Blue Mage series. That is why I went back and re-edit it, fixing the grammar and such to streamline your reading experience. I took down the two separate omnibuses so it didn’t add any more confusion and combined them into one big collection. The entire 10 book series in now in one tight package for your reading experience.

Blue Mage Omnibus: 10 Book Collection: An Epic Fantasy Romance Adventure

If you are a little skittish to take on such an epic adventure, I have included the first chapter of Blue Mage below. (Warning! Not for anyone under 18. This is an adult fantasy tale.)

Blue Mage


The sky lit up with a brilliant flash. The sun had just dipped below the horizon and the sky was bathed in a fierce yellow light before fading into a dim fiery orange glow. Stars dotted the sky with their glimmering shine. Night pushed at the fading light like a warm blanket on a cold winter evening. A peace had fallen over the seaside town of Sapphire Cove. The town lights blinked to life and the cobbled streets were filled with townsfolk ready for an evening’s meal and drink. Despite the calm and wondrous evening, one young spirit was lost to gloom and self-loathing.

Trystan sat on a sturdy wooden chair, overlooking the ocean to the horizon from the comfort of his backyard. Ships lit their lanterns and small waves grew dark in the dim light. The young man kept his eyes on the ocean surface, finger dipping into his tall glass of water. Eyes closed and he tapped the inside of the glass three times. The water swirled and foamed. Trystan pulled his finger from the foaming little storm in a glass and it settled into a dark amber liquid. The young man picked up the glass and sipped its contents. The finest ale spilled down over his tongue and down his throat. The small amount of pleasure from the drink wasn’t enough to chase away the shadows plaguing his mind. He knew tonight was going to be difficult. It was probably going to be the most difficult thing he ever had to do in his entire life.

Trystan pulled his cell phone from his pocket and tapped the screen. Still no word from any of the mage colleges he applied to. The mood grew darker and failure filled him. Trystan took another sip and mulled over his options. If he wasn’t accepted to any college then he would have to stay in Sapphire Cove, get a real job and fill his nights with drinking and disgust. The young man gulped down more ale, hoping it was enough to dull his senses so he could handle the trouble ahead of him.

Lights blinked to life behind him. Trystan turned his head to see a short young woman walk in. She was dressed in a tight black dress with thigh high black boots. Hair was black as the rest of her outfit except for the purple streak from her right temple to the back of her neck. Trystan turned away when he saw her brow was in a sharp V, her mouth tight.

Trystan took another gulp as the glass door slid open and the young woman in black stepped out.

“Trystan! What was so important that I had to stop my studies and visit you tonight?”

“Hi Freya,” Trystan said simply and finished off his ale.

Freya stood off to the side, tapping her foot, “Don’t ‘hi me’ you loser. I need to get everything in order for the Shadow College. Something you should be doing now.”

Trystan sank into his chair, “I haven’t heard if any of the colleges have accepted me yet, still waiting.”

Freya huffed, “It’s that attitude that keeps you from getting anywhere. I honestly don’t know why I’m with you.”

“I told you, I don’t have any interest in the Shadow College. I applied because you wanted me to. I’m hoping to get into the Elemental College.”

Freya ignored him and continued, “I could talk to someone in admissions. See if we can push it along so we can go in together. I really think the Shadow College will be best for you and our relationship.”

Trystan sank even lower, “Freya, you don’t listen to me. I don’t want to go to the Shadow College. I want to go to the Elemental College.”

The young woman crossed her arms, “How is any college going to take you seriously? You haven’t even chosen a familiar and the only spell you know really well is turning water into alcoholic drinks. You’re a mess and I need to help you put your life together.”

Trystan gritted his teeth and let out a deep sigh, “I don’t want you to put my life together. I don’t want you around me anymore.”

Freya’s eyes flashed red and she stood over Trystan with a menacing aura, “What did you just say?”

Trystan gulped, “I said I don’t want you around anymore. We…..we are breaking up,” The young man stuttered.

“Nobody breaks up with me!” Freya hissed.

“I’m sorry but we can’t be together. Please give me the key. The few things you have here are in a box in the bedroom,” Trystan’s heart was beating like a jack hammer.

Freya’s eyes narrowed, “Nobody breaks up with me,” Freya said in a deep evil whisper.

The woman in black walked right back into the house, Trystan was on his feet and following her, ready for the tantrum that was coming. Freya stopped in the middle of the living room, not turning around. Trystan stopped with his head down and eyes on the smooth wooden floor. The air was alive with energy which in turn made Trystan nervous. He was about to say something when Freya waved her hand. The glass door to the porch slid shut and the lock clicked into place.

“I know you’re upset. This is very hard for me too but I think it would be best for both of us if we…..”

“I should have known you would try and betray me, betray us,” Freya growled.

Trystan’s eyes widened, “It’s not a betrayal. I just think we are from two different worlds. You’re studying to become a shadow mage while I feel I would be best as an elemental mage. I’m sure you will find someone at the Shadow College who likes the same…uh….dark things you like.”

Freya turned around, heat pouring off her body, muscles shaking in pure rage, “You are mine Trystan Song! I will not allow you to leave!”

Trystan steeled himself, “I think we should be calm and talk this out.”

Energy whipped around Freya, her mouth twisting into a demonic grin. From below the edge of her dress, a stream of mist floated out like a gray tentacle. It snaked up next to her body and a moment later, formed into a dark elf. The dark elf flexed his tight, well defined thin frame. The elf was naked except for a metal loin cup and whip on his hip. The dark elf pushed back a lock of white hair from his red eyes and grinned at Trystan.

Trystan took a step back, “I don’t think we need Loc here. This is between me and you.”

Loc the dark elf bowed his head to Freya, “What shall I do with him this time, Mistress?”

Trystan put his hands up, “Freya, I really think we need to talk this out.”

“Keep him submissive,” Freya commanded.

Trystan took another step back. Loc grabbed at the whip and unfurled it with one smooth flick of the wrist. The whip lashed out and coiled around Trystan’s neck. The energy in the room grew thicker as Freya stepped forward. Loc was quicker. There was a blur of motion and he appeared behind Trystan. Dark hands wrapped the whip around his wrists and neck. A leg kicked into the back of Trystan’s knee, causing him to fall to his own knees. Trystan looked up, struggling to breath, hog tied and powerless.

“I know why you want me to leave. It has been awhile since I let you taste me,” Freya leered.

“Freya, I don’t think this is going to work out,” Trystan managed despite the tight leather whip around his neck.

Freya snapped her fingers. Trystan gasped as his cock started to harden in his pants. He wished it was simply magic she was using but what Freya used was simple conditioning. He remembered back to all the times she gave him a blowjob, she snapped her fingers every time for months. At first Trystan thought it was just a little odd but as they were together, she would snap her fingers and he would instantly get hard. She wanted his cock to obey her commands. At this moment, Trystan quietly cursed his cock for betraying him again.

“Hold his head,” Freya said to the dark elf.

Delicate but strong hands held Trystan’s head straight. Freya stared with mischief in her eyes, pulling up her dress and revealing her shaved womanhood. Trystan couldn’t turn away as she stepped closer. The scent was intoxicating and all of Trystan’s resolve began to melt away.

“You stopped struggling, good boy. Loc take out his cock,” Freya said with her pussy inches from Trystan’s wide eyes.

The dark elf sank to his knees behind the bound Trystan. One hand pulled down his zipper. Trystan tried to shake his head but the elf held it in place. Trystan’s cock spilled out hard and standing on its own lust. The dark elf grinned as he stroked the shaft nice and slow.

“I love our little games. I’ll give you what you need and we can forget everything you said tonight.”

“Freya, we can’t…” Trystan was cut off.

Freya pushed her pussy onto Trystan’s mouth. The young mage couldn’t control himself as her wetness brushed his lips. Tongue sliding out, he tasted her mind controlling honey, running the tip along her thin line. Freya let out a shudder as he reached her nub and swirled. Loc stroked Trystan, eyes half closed and sexual energy filling the room.

“May I feed as well, Mistress?” Loc said in a breathy tone.

“Yes you may my familiar. I’m sure Trystan has enough energy for you and me, don’t you lover.”

Trystan made some muffled noises but couldn’t get a word out edge wise. The shadow mage grinded her mound into his mouth, hands holding the sides of his head. The dark elf stroked Trystan’s cock with practiced ease. Trystan could feel his fear and confusion fade into the background. He never liked when Freya did this to him but he never could say no. The young man moaned as he lapped up Freya’s honey and Loc continued his masterful stroking. Energy welled up and Trystan could feel it drain into Loc. The dark elf upped the tempo, eyes greedily watching the hard member in his hands.

“Shall I make him come, Mistress?”

“No but you can come on him,” Freya said in a sultry voice.

Freya pulled away and sank down. Trystan moaned as her tight line touched the tip of his cock. Loc stood up, touching the side of his belt. The metal cup covering his loins slid into the belt, his thick black cock spilling out hard and veiny. Trystan groaned as Freya sank down inch after inch on his cock while Loc took hold of his own member and stroked it to Trystan’s wide eyes.

“You want this to all go away?” Freya whispered. Her body quivering as she slid up and down on Trystan’s manhood.

“Mistress loves you very much,” Loc said while stroking himself faster and faster.

“This isn’t love. You….just….want to…control me,” Trystan managed before letting out a long moan.

“I love that I control you,” Freya said and gasped, biting her own lip.

Trystan could feel the build up each time Freya slid down on him, “I…I….think..I’m going to….come.”

“Don’t come. I’m almost there. Wait until I’m done.”

Trystan tried to hold on. Cock bulging, the young mage let out a long soulful groan. Freya let out a whine as her walls were pushed open further and spurts of molten come filled her. Freya let out an angry moan, brow forming a V. Trystan pushed out more spurts of come, Freya squeezing him. The shadow mage whined her disappointment. She pulled her arm back and punched Trystan in the eye. The strike was so strong that Trystan fell back, wet cock spilling out of her.

Freya stood up, come dripping down her inner thigh, “I wanted a bigger orgasm! You should have waited until I was done!”

Trystan groaned, pain and heat radiating around his eye. Loc continued to stroke himself. The dark elf let out a sigh, spurts of come erupting from his cock. Trystan lay on the floor as thick white come landed on his shirt and dripped along his body. Loc made long strokes until he was done and touched his belt. The metal cup slid down and covered his member.

“See what you made me do. Tomorrow I will talk to the admissions office for the Shadow College and see if we can push your enrollment along. After that, we can talk about your place in our relationship.”

Loc took hold of the pommel to his whip. The dark elf flicked his wrist and the leather whip uncoiled around Trystan’s wrists and neck. The young man sat up, massaging his wrists and then touching the bruised skin around his eye.

“Always a pleasure,” the dark elf said as he turned to mist and flowed under Freya’s dress.

Freya knelt down with partial kindness in her eyes, “Put my stuff back where it was. We can talk soon and everything will be taken care of. You will see that we were meant to be.”

Trystan could do nothing but nod his head. Freya smiled and stood up. She wiped the come from her thigh and wiped it on Trystan’s already come stained shirt. She patted him on the head and headed for the front door.

Trystan sat on the floor for a long moment. His cell phone buzzed and he fished it from his pocket.

“I was accepted to the Elemental College! Come out and celebrate with me,” read the text.

Trystan smiled as thoughts of Nia filled his mind. The pain around his eye lessened and the sexy horror he just endured moved farther away. He tapped away at his phone.

“I will be there,” Trystan texted back hoping she wouldn’t notice his black eye.

To read the rest, simply follow the link. 🙂

Talk to you soon my darlings.


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