Tower Falls: Demon Song


Happy all Hallows Eve!

To ring in the special time before everyone trick or treats, Tower Falls: Demon Song is available to help bring you into a dark and sexy mood.

Beyond the veil of the normal world, the paranormal and supernatural lurk, kept in check by those who fight the growing shadows.

Kira felt she wasn’t like everyone else. When cruel fate comes to her doorstep, she discovers a dark part of her spirit as it lights her soul with azure flames.

Lucas rides the lost highways, chasing his father’s ghost and discovering a legacy left behind of honor and hunting monsters.

Selena carries with her a dark gift, given to her from a shadowy lord from another realm. While attempting to hunt down demonic forces, she must contend with the impulses of her dark gift, an inner spirit that desires the seductive touch of the dead so they can be sent to their final resting place.

All three unlikely champions of light come together to hunt a demonic biker gang blazing across the states and discover the mystery of the fabled Tower Falls, a place where monsters shun and the dead fear.

Can Kira, Lucas and Selena overcome their pasts as their futures merge on a desert road to darkness.

Tower Falls: Demon Song. A Paranormal Urban Fantasy Thriller

Updates and Giveaways!

Halloween is almost upon us with a chill in the air and a shadow over our hearts. To assist the dark forces, I’m giving away Tainted Demons until November 2nd. Pick up your copy!

Tainted Demons

Now that Tower Falls is out, I’m looking back to my Lewd Saga series. So many ideas have been drifting in and out of my mind that I can barely contain them all. Updates to come!


Everyone, have a safe, spooky and fun Halloween!


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