Patreon and Update on a New Lewd Adventure


Hello my lovely monsters!

I wanted to update everyone on the latest news but first a little background. I grew up with a quiet work ethic. My family felt it was best to work and keep your mouth shut. I have held onto that belief for my entire life and if you noticed, I tend to write with little updates here and there and then one of my books is published.

I have no idea if it has worked for me because the results have always been a little strange with highs and lows. After my last two books, I thought I would make a change that has been a long time coming. To add to that, I looked to other authors for inspiration and guidance over the last few months. (Thank you Daniel, Alara, George, Nicola and Paul.)

One of the things that came up was creating a Patreon page. I don’t like asking anyone of anything unless I’m ready to put in the hard work but a Patreon seemed the direction I wanted to go; including established and new fans alike on works in progress. I want to update everyone with my new works and bring them into the experience by investing in me to continue to write sexy works and adventures. 🙂

So, without further ado, Eden Redd’s Patreon Page!

To help entice you with a little more sugar, I have been missing the world of Lewd Saga. The story is not complete and I see it going into an amazing epic but right now, one step at a time.

My next project will be called Lewd Shadowmancer, (Working on the rest of the title.)

With some encouragement from the inner circle (First rule of Inner circle, don’t talk about inner circle), I thought I would let out my inner power gamer. There will be adventure, necromancy, sexy trysts and romance but there will also be stats, loot and maybe an epic weapon or two. It will have a sexy Gamelit/LitRPG style and maybe a chance to explore a kinky inner darkness. Right now I’m in the outline stage but if you want to see advance chapters, join me on my Patreon page as they come. 🙂

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Until next time my darling monsters.








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