A Seductive Future


Hi my loves!

It’s been awhile but I’m back with updates and plans for the future!

First, a recap of what I have been doing over the last few months.

I launched a non-erotic pen name called Eden Blue. I published a new book and re-launched one of my other non-erotic titles that was under another pen name. I also started a FB page for that particular pen name so like it, please.

The two titles, one a fantasy wuxia story and the other, a sci-fi adventure with heart, battles and giant monsters. Take a look! πŸ™‚

You can find them here, Jade Wolf: Awakening and Nova Sky: Titan Rising.

As always, please leave a review or contact me to tell me what you think. I love hearing feedback.

The Future

Let’s get a little real. I love writing. I love my fans, readers and fellow authors with a passion. You all make the world go round and everyone holds a special place in my heart. The problem with a passion for writing, you reach low points where inspiration becomes embers to a once roaring blaze.

I was struggling with the demands in the writing life and real life. It took its toll and I was grasping at the fleeting whispers of the fun and excitement I felt when I published my first book. It turned something marvelous to a gloomy struggle.

When the embers nearly whispered their demise, I asked myself, “Am I having fun?”

The question stayed with me for some time since I couldn’t answer it right away. Then, it hit me like Jason Momoa rising from the ocean. I need to allow myself to have fun again. I began writing down plans and ideas, the fire of inspiration taking hold and waltzing with me through a grand ball.

Hence, where we are today!

I came up with three stories I wanted to explore and get back to wild and fun tales!

Over the next two months, I plan on releasing three novellas, prequels to bigger stories. Depending on how each one is received, when I finish publishing them, one out of the three will be made into a novel length sequel. The reasoning behind this is simple, I have a lot of ideas and I want to write while the pen is still hot and see if you, my fans and those who support me, want to see more from these stories. πŸ™‚

Eden, how can I help?

Easy, read, enjoy, review or share my stories with others. After the last of the three novellas are published, we all move into phase two.

The first story, Quantum Rogues will hopefully be out very soon! Join my FB Page! Join my newsletter! Join my Patreon! Join the Eden Reddverse!

Updates to come and thank you!



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