Blackwood Milk Farm Book 2

Welcome to Blackwood Milk Farm Book 2!

Hi my lovely Lewdites and Reddheads!

We continue with the kinky slice of life adventures on the Blackwood estate. Asher, Elara, and their budding family take things to the next level in their relationships, while they welcome a new member to the unusual farm.


When a demon arrives at Blackwood farm seeking a spiritual experience, Asher hesitates to let such a creature with a dark reputation stay. But as he delves into the history of farms like Blackwood and their role in the Valoria realm, he realizes this may be an opportunity too good to pass up.

As Asher navigates his new life tending to the farm and its guests, he discovers that the adjustment is not without its challenges. From demanding games to learning new skills and crafting potions, Asher must also contend with the mystery and intrigue surrounding Mist Valley, including the upcoming election of a new mayor.

As the former adventurer adjusts to his new life, he must also confront the looming threat of something wicked coming his way. Will he be able to slow down and enjoy what he creating, or will the darkness lurking in the shadows consume him?

Some of the kinks explored in this installment: Milking, Breeding, Role Playing, Submission, and B&D.


I hope you enjoy the relaxed adventure and be sure to leave those wonderful reviews!

Thank you!


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