Blackwood Audio Book is Live!

Welcome to Blackwood Milk Farm Audio Book.

Hello my Lewdites and Redd Heads!

Blackwood Milk Farm is now available in audio book! Sierra Kline has brought her amazing voice and narration to the kinky fantasy story.

We follow the beginning journey of a former ranger and adventurer, Asher Blackwood. He inherits an unusual farm where milk is used with alchemy to make potions. Fantasy women from across Valoria come to this farm for a spiritual and sensual experiences that only he can provide.

Blackwood Milk Farm is a slice of life, low key, relaxed adventure of sensual exploration. Pick up your copy and leave an amazing review!

Blackwood Milk Farm
Book Version:

I have just finished writing Blackwood Book 2! I have to go through final edits and receive the cover! With a little time, it should be live in early May!

Thank you!


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