Audio Book for Guardian Craft: Primeval is Live!


Hi my loves!

The audio book for Guardian Craft is live!

The talented Valentina Ortiz did an amazing job with the audio and I love the different voices she used for the characters. Pick up your copy and give it a listen!

The world is dying and Will couldn’t care less.

Will Asher thought he was going to spend his last days in a cell thinking about the one bad thing he ever did in his life. When he is tapped to be the first human to undergo a special experiment, he accepts knowing full well it could be the end of this life and a beginning to a new one.

When he wakes in a new digital world, he finds himself struggling to defend against strange creatures and the elements while surviving the virtual environment. The player will have to overcome the odds as he fights against mythical monsters, find mysterious allies and uncover a mystical journey that will have implications across the multiverse.

*Warning! Do not listen to the audio book if your driving, operating heavy machinery or have a heart condition. 🙂


I just finished writing my second novella of three. Succubus Dungeon is with the editor and I should hopefully have it out by the week of Thanksgiving! It’s a lurid tale of adventure and succubi. Perfect reading to keep you warm on these cold nights.

Be sure to leave a review for all the books as they come out so I can gauge if you wish to see more of the stories. One will be chosen to become a full-length novel so let me know!

Updates will follow.

Thank you my loves, talk soon!


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