Succubus Dungeon is Live!


Succubus Dungeon is live!

The town of Twin Points has a mysterious dungeon where adventurers explore for treasure and the darker side of desire.

Lucian, an outsider, always had a thirst for knowledge and unusual experiences. Passing through the odd town, he is intrigued by tales of the strange dungeon. Gathering a small party, the mage leads the expedition into the dungeon’s depths to understand why it’s so important to the local inhabitants.

Ancient mysteries, dark secrets and hidden desires will turn the expedition into a fight for survival. Lucian and his party will stand between the world of Lukken and a horde of succubi as they attempt to seduce the upper world into submission.


News and Updates!

A post or two ago, I announced I was going to write three novellas and see if which one was going to be made into a longer sequel. The muses had other plans.

Succubus Dungeon was fun to write but the characters dug under my skin and stayed there. I can’t go too deeply into why or I would give away points of the story. That being said, I believe I cannot write the third novella just yet. It will have to be a story for another time.

The great news is, I will start writing the sequel to Succubus Dungeon very soon!

This is my favorite part of being a writer, the excitement of exploring a new story and seeing how far it will take you.

After I am filled with turkey, I will begin digging in the word mines and cutting out those precious jewels.

I want to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving!

Thank you.



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