Succubus Dungeon: Divine Overlord is Live!


Book two to the Succubus Dungeon saga is here!

A pact sealed in dark magic, Lucian has now become a Dungeon Core and his life will never be the same in the digital fantasy world of Lukken.

Surrendering himself to the Succubus Queen, the former mage has been blessed and cursed to carry out Queen Systra’s commands of increasing her power and finding her eight elemental daughters. Their power added to his own, will make the Dungeon Core near unstoppable. But Lucian has his own plans of restoring balance to Lukken and fixing a world bathed in light.

Reborn deep underground, Lucian must create his dungeon, find the demon elementals and keep his few dwellers in line if he hopes to survive and lead the Queen’s dark crusade.


There is an allure to writing dark characters. Lucian finds himself and his new people, trying to help balance Lukken which has become a cruel paradise. I tried to take a less fairy tale story and more of a dark crusade with questionable noble goals.

To say writing this book was challenge, is an understatement. In many respects, Lucian is powerful but his desires and friendships are somewhat innocent. Some of the scenes, made me squirm in my seat.

It was fun to return to Lukken.

I hope you enjoy the tale and please remember to leave those wonderful reviews!





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