Digital Hearts: The Haunted Society is Live!



I would like to introduce my first, Reverse Harem Gamelit novel! It was quite the journey to get here. 🙂

Digital Hearts: The Haunted Society is live!

Welcome to a future where your heart can be the ultimate prize.

Lisbeth is a skilled monster hunter in a era of virtual digital games. When it comes to dating, who has the time?

When she is invited to a secret life simulation game, the famous player thinks it’s a perfect opportunity to unwind and maybe find some romance, or more.

But the game is not as it seems. Lisbeth will be caught in a ghostly mystery as she tries to sort her growing love life in a game where her very future hangs in the balance.


Digital Hearts: The Haunted Society takes place after the first Digital Hearts book but with a brand new cast. I have been wanting to write a reverse harem gamelit book and thought this series would be best suited for it.

I almost got mad at my cover designer because I didn’t see the ghost on the cover when I specifically asked for it to be there. I’m so glad I didn’t rush an e-mail to her because she does amazing work!

Anyway, I hope you enjoy it and leave those amazing reviews!

*A special thank you to my supporters and my ARC Knights for helping sculpt the novel. You bow to no one. 🤩



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