Redd Update and Free Books!

33281779 - young witch in a forest

Greetings my loves.

Currently, the world and society is going through a difficult time. With the coronavirus, quarantines and social distancing, we are all doing our part to slow the spread of this terrible virus as it affects many people from all walks of life.

In my small effort to help ease the difficulty of current events, I have made three of my books free until 3/20/20.

Lewd Rogue: Golden Desires. An amusing adventure of a rogue in a virtual world who simply wants love, adventure and to get paid!

Psychic Raptors in Lust. A steamy experiment goes wrong, bringing lustful raptors into our world to relieve their desires in this over the top adventure.

Shades of Greys. An out of this world adventure where our heroine is looking for love in all the celestial places.

Please share the links so others can have a good time as we are all shut in for the near future.

In other news
I’m nearly complete with my latest book, Card Mage: Academy Rebels. It is a high fantasy book with some gamelit and academy elements. It is a new series, set in the world of Ikkudran where students can train to become champions and more. I was inspired by many different subjects and hope many like the story. I’ve really fallen for the characters and can’t wait to share them with you..

Card Mage should be out within the next two weeks. (Fingers crossed.)

Early Chapters are on my pateron if you wish to become a supporter.

We will get through these difficult times, together. Wash your hands, be kind to each other and let’s try to have some fun.

Updates to follow. Be safe.




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