Writing Advice and Updates from the Edenverse

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**Updates from the Edenverse***

Greetings lewdites and reddheads!

I wanted to bring up some updates and inform everyone of what is happening in the Edenverse. But first, I want to talk about something that was brought to my attention by a wonderful fan.
I had been thinking about publishing one of my older, banned stories, to a free site by the name of lit-erotica. I posted it without telling anyone to see how it would be received. Color me shocked when the story skyrocketed with a “Hot” stamp and had over 5k views before this post. There was a comment that a reader was surprised the story was my first on the site. (Because of how good it was, I think.)

It felt good to receive a bunch of accolades and I hope I got a few new fans in the process. What I didn’t expect was one of my wonderful regular fans seeing the story and messaging me to make sure no one was ripping me off. I clarified that it was indeed me who posted it to the site. Hence, the reason why I’m making this post. (It did warm my heart to get the e-mail. We all have to look out for each other.)

I know many authors are always looking to get more fans. It is a struggle we all face for the creative art we work so hard on. I’m putting this post up because it’s not some kind of trade secret that you should pay for. You can start small and build your following but, like anything, it takes time. I’ll be honest, I do a lot of things ass-backwards. When I started writing, I didn’t lay the groundwork and thought my books would simply bring in readers. It was a tough lesson that has haunted me the last six years I have been publishing to the world. I thought I would step back and try different things to help bring new eyeballs and hearts to my writings and books. It has been a long journey with some hair pulling. I’m surprised I haven’t pulled every strand from my head.

The point is, I’m getting back to the joy and fun of writing again. I take it seriously, but I have missed the days of writing a story and simply having fun with it. No expectations or rules. Just enjoy writing sexy and odd little stories for the fun of it, alongside my usual longer, novel length books. So, my smaller stories may appear in other places but they will all be on my pateron first before possibly going public anywhere else.

Speaking of Patreon, The first five chapters of my patreon only novel, Divine Forge, is already up!

Midknight is another novel that I’m working on, it is up to 8 chapters. I hope to have Midknight out in January. (Fingers crossed!)

More updates as they happen!


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