The Eden Redd Classic Collection

Hello my lovely Lewdites and Reddheads!

I have been meaning to do this for some time. I know I have a lot of books in my catalog. With some work, I put most of my previous earlier stories into one, massive collection. Times are tough and buying each book separately would cost a fortune. Now, most of my catalog is in one bundle.

The Eden Redd Collection contains over 50 books from Eden’s impressive large catalog. It contains short and long works, ranging from the paranormal, fairy tales, and dark magic, to monsters, aliens, and dinosaurs.

The collection also contains three never before published stories!

The Eden Redd Collection is the definitive omnibus for the true fan, and those new to the sensual worlds of Ms. Redd. 

The Eden Redd Classic Collection.

I already began taking down old stories. This is a way to make my catalog neater and more accessible. Please leave those helpful reviews, they really do help.

I want to wish everyone a warm and happy holidays! Here’s hoping 2023 is better for all of us.

Thank you.


2 thoughts

  1. Hey jw if you have non-sex books or another name that you write books under? Love your writing, but I’m not that into sex atm, and looking for a good fantasy book.


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