Monstar Saga: Guardian is Here!

Winter has arrived at Moonvale and it has brought the dead with it.

Kavan, Onka, and the whole town of Moonvale must hunker down for the winter season. Aside from snowstorms and hungry creatures looking for a meal, a massive swarm of undead march on the small town.

But all is not as it seems as the dead move with a purpose.

Kavan must uncover that purpose while refining his mystical and combat skills. Dark rumors are filling the world of Voldor, whispers of powerful creatures making their way to the town on the edge of civilization.

Can Kavan learn arcane secrets to fight the very dragon gods? Will the town of Moonvale survive the harsh winter as they prepare against new enemies and kingdoms? Will Kavan and Onka be strong enough to defend their family as new life grows in her womb?


Monstar Saga: Guardian, completes the first cycle of the series. Book 5 will start the 2nd cycle to a grand and epic adventure.

Thank you and enjoy!



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