Two Great Announcements!

Happy Thursday my lovely Reddheads and Lewdites! There is much to discuss, but I will keep it brief.

Monstar Saga: Acolyte Audio Book is live!

*Update 4/6/22! A few listeners have reached out to tell me about a static crackling in Chapter 9. I spoke with Sierra and she checked the audio file. It seemed the audio file was fine, but after uploaded to Audible, it didn’t take completely. Good news is the file for the chapter has been re-uploaded to Audible. Bad news is it may take a few days to clear and you may have to re-download it. Thank you for finding the error and giving the book a listen! Updates as they happen!

To add, Erik Weir’s Coffin Hotel: Knightmare is live too!

Sierra did her amazing and stupendous job of bringing all the characters to life. I had chills listening to it and I hope you do too.

Helping a fellow author, Erik Weir’s The Coffin Hotel: Knightmare, is live! We follow the adventures of Brandon Ferryman as he runs a supernatural hotel, fights monsters and ghosts, while protecting the innocent.

Special News: There is a lot of things happening in the Edenverse. I’m working on a special project and the first part of it will go live sometime next week. I’ve been wanting to do an experiment and can’t wait to show it to the world. Stay tuned for the reveal next week!

Thank you to all my lovely and wonderful fans!

Have a wonderful Thursday.



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