The Goddess Awakening Experiment

Hello Newcomers, Reddheads, and Lewdites!

I wanted to take a moment to let you in on a new project and experiment I’ve had on my mind for some time. I will try to be brief and informative so you can enjoy what I have in store.

Goddess Awakening: Six Gates

Goddess Awakening is an erotic, Lovecraftian, urban fantasy novella where you can help shape the story. I’ve had the idea for a while and finally worked up enough courage to put it into practice. The story revolves our main character, Helen, as she navigates her way through the secretive veil that separates reality from a world hidden in shadows.

The story will be six chapters long, but each chapter will be very thick to ensure everyone enjoys the dark and seductive tale.

This is where you come in.

The reason it is called an experiment is because I want you to help add minor details and speculative theories to the story. Each chapter will be published once a week, which will give everyone a chance to read the previous chapter and comment their minor detail or theory for what will happen in the next chapter.

I wanted to find a way to be inclusive so readers can feel they contributed to how the story progresses with added details I may not have put in myself as I was writing it. I already have an outline for each chapter and when the book is complete, it will be published on Amazon. Because of the nature of the project, I have to have some rules in place. This is to ensure all suggestions are tied closer to the nature of the story. If a comment or idea helps add deeper textures to the story, it will be added to the next chapter for all to read. If not, I will simply not use it.

The Rules

The Goal: In the comments, add a minor detail to the story or put down your own speculative theory. If the detail or theory works with the story, it will be added to the next chapter. Each chapter will end with some clues as to what to expect in the next chapter, giving you a chance to add your tidbit. Speculative theories, If I really like them, may change some of the story to a small degree. Again, this is only a six chapter novella and this experiment is meant to be inclusive and fun, even if the story is a little dark and sensual.

Examples: What is a minor detail? A minor detail is something that may be in the background, part of the scenery, something someone is wearing, a personality quirk, an item, or a tiny, unusual circumstance that adds to the story.

As for theories, these are all speculative, but if you’re deep into the story and I like you’re theory, I may add it as a slight detour to what the characters are doing. The story is taking place in the 1920’s in the fictional city of Ashvale. I will have the first chapter up so everyone sees the direction the story is going. Any comments under the first chapter, will be considered for the following chapter.

Please keep all comments to the story, but I’m not against comments that say how much you like/hate the story. If you’ve read my books, you have an idea where I’m going with it. If you’re new, welcome to the sensual worlds of my works. 🙂

Every detail or theory given(or used) in the comments is on a volunteer basis. I want the story to be inclusive and fun experiment. There is no compensation, other than having your name as a contributor at the end of the book. I will detail more of that under rewards.

Chapters that are already live will not be changed. Add comments for the next chapter.

Schedule: Goddess Awakening will be published every Wednesday on my patreon under the 1 dollar tier and every Thursday on my website for free. Once the story is complete, I will leave it up for a few days and then take it down to ready it for publishing to Amazon. Again, this is a limited time story, publishing a chapter once a week for six weeks.


Under the 1 dollar tier of my patreon, you will get the next chapter on Wednesdays, before it goes live on my website on Thursdays. I will also post a PDF of the chapter under that tier so you can download and read at your leisure(Without having to read it just on the website.)

Everyone who subscribes under the 1 dollar tier will have their name, or name of their choosing, in the dedication page once the book is published.


I am fully aware that this experiment may be beautiful, a disaster, or a beautiful disaster. I’ve seen authors post chapters to free story sites for years and wondered to myself if I should try it on my website. That is how I came up with the idea for Goddess Awakening.

All I can say to everyone is, try to have fun, be imaginative, or simply enjoy the story. To anyone who simply adds comments that have no bearing on the story, those comments will be deleted or ignored.

No one is under any obligation to add to the story. As I said, this is an experiment. Please, do not take it personal if I don’t use your minor detail or speculative theory. I do have to make sure the story is going in the right direction so it makes sense.

I will try to answer any questions in the comments, except for questions on what to expect in the following chapter. That is what the clues at the end of the chapters are for.

Thank you!

I do want to say my thanks in advance. I’m committed to this experiment and look forward to to those wonderful comments.



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