Lewd Kingdoms: Fallen Throne is Live!


The long wait is over! The second book in the final Lewd Saga Trilogy is here!

Edric wanted to build something great, a safe haven for players and awakened NPCs to thrive in peace. With his fellow rulers, Faye, Claudia and Rayna; they feel they are on the cusp of something grand and inspiring.

When trolls are found murdered on Eloran streets and the dead walk at night, the city soon realizes there is something darker taking place in the supposed peaceful kingdom. With the delicate political balance in jeopardy and war threatening all of Lukken, Edric and his fellow rulers must come together to discover these secret threats before it is too late.

I wanted to take a moment and thank you for staying by me while I worked on this beautiful monster of book. It truly gave me many highs and lows as Edric, Faye, Claudia and Rayna pressed on against a growing darkness. Pick up your copy of the sensual adventure. 🙂

Lewd Kingdoms: Fallen Throne

Please remember to leave a review and happy reading.

Thank you.





2 thoughts

    1. Its okay Jonolan! I don’t believe its over but I had to step away a while back. I want to bring it back, if there is enough interest in me returning to the series. It is near and dear to me and I would like to see Trystan and his friend’s journeys to continue. I guess what I’m saying is….I’ll bring it back if there is enough readers screaming at me to bring it back. 🙂


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