Mock Interview with Eden Redd

Mock Interview of Eden Redd.

Interviewer: How would you define your books?

Me: Fever dreams with a dash of erotic monsters having an orgy in an old mansion with plenty of food.

Interviewer: Can you tell us a little more about the person underneath the facade?

Me: I’m a bog witch who needs to gather souls for the old gods. They get cranky when they don’t get their cup of souls in the morning. I was drafted at the ripe age of one hundred and twenty because I was low of cash and needed pocket money to shop at Witch’s R Us.

Interviewer: Must have been difficult?

Me: Oh yes, really difficult. I needed to rent a hearse and everything.

Interviewer: Do you believe in equal rights?

Me: Absolutely! I believe everyone should be able to have s*x with any monster, fantasy creature, humanoid, angel or demon they desire. Who am I to deny the love between people and creatures that want to go to pound town.

Interviewer: Yours books are controversial for having a lot of s*x in them. How do you respond to the negative feedback and reviews.

Me: Easy. I smile and nod in public. Behind the scenes, I use blood magic to make sure they stub their toes, drop things, and forget what they wanted when they enter another room.

Interviewer: You tend to have a lot of elves in your books and stories. What’s the attraction?

Me: I blame Legolas and Galadriel. Pointy ears are hawt.

Interviewer: One last question, which series would you recommend to a new reader?

Me: There are so so many books with so many different flavors, I couldn’t recommend just one. I believe Monstar Saga is my best work, but if you want nothing but lewd adventures in a cyber/fantasy world, Lewd Saga is my longest series.

Thank you for the interview! Now, where’s my twenty two dollars and that drop of blood? Momma needs her boxed wine and a soul for…reasons.

Interviewer: Err, um, no blood was promised. Where did you keep that dagger and vial? You didn’t have that when you came in.

Me: The old gods need their cup of souls. *Crazy eyes intensifies.

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