Letter from Lukken


My Dearest Talisa,

I hope all remains well?

I have enjoyed our correspondence. You are truly a light amid these dark times. I would wax poetically about your earned freedom but I fear time is short and I am running out of allies.

Master Rekarr Bane was murdered two nights before I penned this letter. He was found stabbed multiple times and left in his bath. All of his concubines were slain and impaled against pillars and walls. Truly a grisly end to a Master and his beautiful harem. He was a powerful ally among the masters who wish to end the war. I wish I could say I didn’t expect it but considering several masters have already been murdered, in their own homes no less, it does not bode well for me.

After the first murder, I immediately stopped protesting against the war. The way Master Ulkar looked to those who continued to speak ill of war was more then enough to sway my tongue to silence. As masters have died, others have stepped forward to claim their harems and pledged to fight the dragon menace, with the harems that survived I mean. The established ways are coming to an end. Now the new master regime wishes to breed the races of Lukken to excitation to achieve some misguided notion of reaching the stars. It strikes at my heart how we have fallen so far.

I’m no fool. I know I will be murdered next. I have seen that glare, that gaze of darkness where some of my guards contemplate when they will carry out their secret orders. I have taken steps but they’re not enough. My harem guards me all day and all night but they have even heard the whispers.

Vala watch over me and my loved ones.

This will be my last letter but it will carry my instructions. Please follow them precisely for if one step is miscalculated, I will be slain before the next moons rise. I cannot thank you enough for sharing your experiences. There is hope beyond the Kunarr kingdoms and I wish to achieve it just as you have. Your defection has sent whispers of hope among our people. Perhaps with my exile, It will aid those too afraid to fight back the ruling Coven of Masters.

By the time you receive this letter, I should be on my way. I will make my way to Moon Haven. There is a Monastery of Vala there and the priest is a kind and trusting spirit. He has helped many others escape our lands. He has instructions to charter a ship from Moon Haven to the coastal town of Merlor, along the Death’s Tongue River. Due to the reputation of Moon Haven’s citizens and their unabashed use of necromancy, I fear I may be walking into a dark place. This is where I need your assistance.

In your letters, you spoke of a paladin, true and just. I would ask of you to make contact with this holy paladin. If he is as strong and trusting as you say, I will need a bodyguard to ensure I make it to Merlor with my head intact. Once I reach Merlor, I will charter another ship to the Turtle Islands and begin my new life.

Your friend must see the priest when he first reaches the monastery. For the priest to know our mutual friend, he must utter the phrase “I’m here to see a priest about washing away my sins.” This will be enough for the priest to recognize him.

As payment, I have gold waiting at Merlor. If gold is not enough, I may be able to impart useful information to him to aid on his journeys. You and he will have me as an ally. Anything needed will be supplied to the best of my abilities.

It weighs heavy on my spirit to place this extra burden on you. I would wait for your answer but my time is coming to an end. I pray you will hear my call and send your friend to me for my protection.

Should I make it to the Turtle Islands, we must meet. After some time, I will send for you. We can spend many evenings talking over wine and our new lives.

I pray to see your beautiful face in the coming months. Be well and may Vala watch over you.

Your friend,

Nugan Gloom Spear





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